Mary Hampshire Limited - Public Relations Consultant

Your stories matter. They are a powerful way to communicate with those who have the power to influence your success.

The traditional craft of storytelling has a crucial role to play in the changing media landscape with the growth of online news, the meteoric rise of social media, the decline of traditional print media and ongoing television and radio opportunities. The move towards organisations becoming their own publishers, demands communications coordination, planning, and high quality - sit up and take notice - content across multiple platforms.

How can I help? I will support you to identify and plan who you want to reach, why and how; raise your profile; enhance and protect your reputation; deliver media campaign planning and pinpoint your genuine success stories; taking a coordinated approach to help you get the results that will support your business objectives.

On digital media, stories have a long shelf life. You need to react accurately, promptly and with integrity. Positive and less favourable news travels faster and in real time on social media. It often breaks there first. It's immediacy and transparency that count. You have a direct relationship with your audiences when it comes to your conversations with them, and your responses. So you need to make them count.


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Mary is the consummate professional who is quick to spot the story, fast to act and thorough in her writing. Mary is easy to work with. I would recommend her.

Ian Nash, The Times Educational Supplement, Former Further Education Editor